A big thanks to Jack for coming out to the shop to give me a hand in the shop last night.


Hope everyone is having a fantastic start to their Wednesday!

I feel the meme, "May your coffee be stronger than your daughter's attitude" is quite fitting as my day begins!


My kids are pretty use to the terms "survival" and "prepping". They attend shows with us, they help out in the shop.  But I feel they are the exception.  Even their exposure to basic practices of self reliance, will not fully prepare them for an emergency situation.  I lived on Long Island, NY when 9/11 happened.  My oldest was in 1st grade at the time.  Shortly after that tragic day, the policies of the schools changed.  In case of an emergency, the children would be moved to a safer location until the parent or someone on the release list arrived.  This means, your child, though surrounded by peers, would be alone.  As my other children started into school, I began adding "extras" into their backpacks.  For instance, my son Jack, is severely allergic to alot of foods, I keep extra granola bars in his bag as well as an epi-pen. I keep a small stuffed animal in my daughter's bag.  Each child has an emergency card with mine and my husbands information on it and closest friends contact information.  It also has our emergency meeting place listed on it. 

My kids go bags are light weight and carry only a few items.  A water container, a non perishable snack, a small first aid kit, small fire starter kit, emergency blanket, a change of socks and unders, another emergency card in a plastic baggy and something sentimental.  Something small and light weight that can help them focus on a happy thought is a great idea for a kid like a small stuffed animal or a lego guy will work.  Their bag, without the water bottle, weighs a couple of pounds.  

Keeping my kids busy and focused and not whining, at least the first few days of any type of emergency situation is going to be the challenge, especially if they do not have access to technology.  I am going to be whinny without technology for that matter.  Our society has become increasingly dependent upon tech. 

My kids do enjoy nature.  I think adding to my pack a local bird guide and plant book will be worth the extra pound of weight.  It will give us a way to keep our ears and eyes and mind entertained. 

A great addition to your mama bear bag would be Suntheanine chew-able tablets.  Suntheanine is a brand of the amino acid L-Theanine.  This amazing amino is what is found in green tea that helps to calm you down.  Of course, make sure it is going to work with you and your kids by doing your research and asking doctors and the like.  But I will speak from experience, it works quick and calms even an adult within minutes.  It's not a sedative.  The only way I can explain it is like this.  Say you are overwhelmed and you have 15 different things you are worried about and you are hearing yourself think of each one of them at the same time and you are on the verge of tears, taking this sort of makes that loud noise of your own thoughts quiet down, which in turn calms your emotions down.    Does the same thing to kids.  Definitely a fantastic add on to your bag.  Also do not forget your Benedryl, and pain relief (Tylenol and Advil).  Both come in a chew-able form.  This makes it a light edition to your bag.  

I hope everyone has a fantastic day.

Stay prepared and be safe!