Happy July!  I hope each of you enjoyed your Independence Day Celebrations!  Ours was spent with our family and dearest friends!   I thank each of you that has stayed a customer or became one this past year. 

The trials we faced as a nation , as a community,  as a small business and as a family were staggering.  It is with much honor that I am actually here today to write this update!  We lost much this past year, but like other hard working American's we prevailed and came back stronger and more determined!  

Archery is a life long skill. Sort of like riding a bike. You learn at a young age and will remember for a lifetime....especially the first time that string snaps your forearm! Instinctive shooting is a fantastic way to bring archery back into your life.

IMO, Instinctive or Barebone Archery is bit more challenging than say using a compound bow or crossbow.  Form and consistency is important in the use of all bows,  but you will develop a sort of pride when you discover, all that hardware is not necessary.

I have some how to videos to post this summer, but to start, I found a couple of YouTube videos for the beginners that are quite helpful.   I recently completed my Level 1 Jr. Olympic Archery Certification.  The goal for this certification is to work with my community and especially homeschooling co-ops to bring the sport of archery into the hearts of more youth as well as posting how-to on the website. 

We are updating our products to bring sensible items for use on the go or in your homes for your bows as well as items that might come in handy down the road. 

May your summer be blessed with memories that will carry you through any dark time.

Have a Blessed Summer,