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RaptureThe first of its kind, universal 40/50 pound draw Rapture Compact Take-Down Bow

The Rapture riser is an aluminum skeletal design with a universal arrow rest. This innovative design will enable the archer to use 1 bow in 4 different configurations. The Rapture can be used right handed (1) or left handed (2) and set at a 40 lb. draw (3) or a 50 lb draw (4) using the same limbs and string, simply by reversing the direction of the limbs. The arrow rest is on the center-line of the bow with the string and the skeletal stock gives the archer a good window of sight for alignment to the target.

Each riser is flat black anodized for a durable surface finish with sure grip sides added. The limb material is the Supersil Poly- Resin Fiberglass which is the same material as Xpectre’s other bows.

Product Features

  • Compact Take Down Design Made in th USA
  • 40/50# Draw (Draw weight dependant on how bow is strung) rated at a 30 inch draw.
  • Anodized Alumumin Riser and Fiberglas Limbs
  • Arrow Rest and Pouch/Quiver included
  • Available with 3- 30 inch Arrows
  • Dacron String included, 48" Length



    • Stored Length - 23inches (without 30"arrows)
    • Assembled length - 48 inches
    • Riser Length - 11 1/2"
    • Riser Width - 1 inch (recently update grip!)
    • Riser Depth - 3/4 inch
    • Limb Length - 22 inches
    • Bow Weight - 1lbs 12 ounces (includes Riser, Limbs, String, Pouch and Arrows)