The Rapture will be in stock after 8/1/21

The first of its kind, universal 40/50 pound draw, The Rapture Compact Take Down Bow.
The Rapture riser is an aluminum skeletal design with a universal arrow rest.
The Rapture is the lightest compact bow on the market. 
The kit weighs under 2 pounds including the arrows and pouch This innovative design will enable the archer to use 1 bow in 4 different configurations.
The Rapture 40/50 can be used right handed or left handed and set at a 40 lb. draw or a 50 lb. at a 30 inch draw using the same limbs and string by reversing the direction of the limbs. The arrow rest is on the center-line of the bow with the string and the skeletal stock gives the archer a good window of sight for alignment to the target. Each riser is flat black anodized for a durable surface finish with sure grip sides added. The limb material is the resin fiberglass which is the same material as Xpectre’s other bows. 

Each Rapture comes complete fitted into its heavy duty 23 inch nylon webbing pouch with a 48" string. 
Add a 3  pack of Vane arrows for $12.00 or Feathers for 24.95 

SKU : 74060
* Arrow Option:

Arrow Fletching:


One of the most well-known, survival compact take down bow manufacturers in the world. Providing dependable gear for any sitution.

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