Tex-Tite Bowstring Wax

Tex-Tite Bowstring Wax

SKU : Tex-Tite_Bowstring_Wax


Bohning Tex-Tite Wax

The industry standard for over 70 years, Tex-TiteĀ® is a natural-based wax. It is waterproof and can be used on natural and synthetic bowstrings. Tex-Tite is available in the standard tube applicator or in Bohning's unique box applicator made from 100% recycled plastic. Contains 28 grams of Tex-Tite. Certified Crossbow Compatible. 
Designed especially for synthetic fiber bowstrings.
It has the proper degree of stickiness when warmed by rubbing it on the bowstring to hold the fibers together, but is not sticky when allowed to cool to room temperature.

One of the most well-known, survival compact take down bow manufacturers in the world. Providing dependable gear for any sitution.

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